Hi, I'm Jan Bony, and here is a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Prineville, OR (Located about 40 miles NE of Bend, OR, and just a couple miles from the center of the state. I have a husband (who thankfully works a good job, so I can play with history) and an almost adult child. Besides volunteering for the USGenWeb project, I also maintain the database for our highschool classmates who have passed away. I'm very active on facebook, not only on my own site, but I also help maintain several groups. I hate cooking, and love to bead, read, and crochet.

I got involved with html in 1995, when my husband and I started seeing a future in writing web pages. Both of us were at that time programers & computer geeks, so it was a logical step early in the internet.

I got involved with the USGenWeb project in 1998 when I started researching my family orgins, and, I've never looked back. My first adoptions were Crook and Deschutes in Oregon, then it just kept growing until not only was I the ORGenWeb State Coordinator, but I had branched out to Iowa then to Illinois to adopt Stark & Peoria counties.

I believe I have been a good SC and have loved every minute I have researched, reclaimed and reused the historic data that has been added not only to my state page, but to each of my regular counties. I also enjoy working with other researchers, and helping whereever and whenever I can. I feel that I will be able to do a good job as the NENC Coordinator.