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De Wolf Post, G. A. R.

The history of this post was just obtained in time to have its place among the societies of Wyoming. The roster was just delivered as the printers were setting up the last paragraph of this chapter, so that soldiers can realize what a "Forlorn Hope " the capture of this part of the work appeared to the writer to be. He is indebted to the Post Commander for this roster, for all attempts made by him to obtain the register from the officials, and thus make a complete roster and record of members, were not successful. The roster is as follows:

Armstrong, Alfred B., E. 112, Ill.Inf Kellogg, Dennis D., A. 17, Ill. Ilf
Alderman, Michael, E. 112, Ill. Inf. Lane, Peter, E 38, Ill. Inf.
Beall, William, B 7, Ill. Inf. McDaniels, Jacob, F 65, Ill. Inf.
Beman, David, F. 124, Ill. Inf. Moats, John, B 112, Ill. Inf.
Boyer, Wellington H., E. 151, Ill. Inf. Morse, N. B., G 83, Ill. Inf.
+Cosgrove, Hugh J., B7, Ill. Inf. Murna, George, E 13, Iowa Inf.
±Copestake, John C. --- 114, Ill. Inf. Maloney, Patrick, A 5, Ohio Inf.
Crone, Thomas, B 7, Ill. Inf. McCorkle, Charles P., F 13, N. Y. H. A.
Cross, William J., I 151, Ill. Inf. Nash, Leroy, A 2, Ill. L. A.
*Colburn, Carey G., # 112, Ill. Inf. +Otman, S. D., E. 112, Ill. Inf.
Dixon, William, K 47, Ill. Inf. Oakley, John Hoyt, H 1, N. Y. L. A.
*Dugdale, Thomas, E 90, Ill. Inf. ||Pierce, Allen M., -- 139, Ill. Inf.
Ditman, James, B 7, Ill. Inf. Pratt, Franklin, B 7, Ill. Inf.
Foreman, Harvey J., E 86, Ill. Inf. Pratt, Franklin, B 7, Ill. Inf.
Graves, Jacob, E 148, Ohio Inf. Peve, Joseph, H 51, Ill. Inf.
§Hawks, John, K 47, Ill. Inf. Selders, Thomas, E 86, Ill. Inf.
*Holgate, William, E. 112, Ill. Inf. Sparr, Matthew M., H3, Cal.
Hanchett, Ancil H., E. 112, Ill. Inf. Simmons, A., A 11, Kan. Cav.
Harvey, John, E 112, Ill. Inf. Timmons, Frank, K 86, Ill. Inf.
Hamilton, Charles F., E86, Ill. Inf. Timmons, Ananias, E 112, Ill. Inf.
Hochstrasser, H. H., I 65, Ill. Inf. Thurston, Hiram, K 42, Ill. Inf.
Jordan, John, B7, Ill. Inf. Thomas, William B., E 17, Ill. Inf.
Kinney, James, F 7, Ohio Cav. White, John G., K 47, Ill. Inf.
Kellogg, Edwin J., F 146, Ill. Inf. Winn, Marshall, A 2, Ill. L. A.
*Kerns, David, E 112, Ill. Inf. Wolf, Alfred D., I 5, W. Va. Cav.

+ Captain, ± Surgeon, * Prisoner in hands of Rebels,
|| Assistant Surgeon, §Second Lieutenant

The present officers of the Post, as elected for 1887, are as follows: Marshall Winn, Commander; Alfred D. Wolf, S. V. Commander; A. Simmons, J. V. Commander; N. B. Morse, Surgeon; John Hawks, Chaplain; James Kinney, Officer of the Day; John Jordan, Quartermaster; Thomas Dugdale, Officer of the Guard ; Charles F. Hamilton, Adjutant.